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December 20, 2010
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As we flew towards the headquarters of sector V, I stopped. I didn't know why, but the area seemed...different. I glanced down. A crater. Someone had been fighting.

"Guys!" I called.

My brothers were long gone. Damn it.

I sped to the ground and into the crater hole, there was warmth, showing this had been made by an energy blast, which is a rowdy-ruff trait.


I flew out of the hole and stood on the ground pavement. Where could he have gone?

"Well, Hello there."

I turned around fast, my automatically charged energy in my hands. I blinked when it was someone I didn't recognize. A tall guy, pale, with wavy blonde hair and deep green eyes. He was smiling and his uniform wasn't much. A t-shirt with a super-man logo gone wrong.

"Looking for something?"

I remained silent.

He landed on the ground, his cape resting against his back. "I should introduce myself. I'm Super Andrew."

"Bella." I said, and turned to ignore him. I think my braid hit him in the face, my hair was pretty long.

"You seem a bit lost, Bella." He said, landing again in front of me. Was this guy's specialty snooping?

"I'm not." I said, taking off.

Of course, he was right behind me. "Then is something else lost?"

I ignored the question.

"Could it be a person, perhaps?"

I blinked.

"A boy with a red hat?"



"Where is he?" I asked, holding the collar of his shirt in my fist.

"We were playing some air tag and he got hurt. No need to be violent." He said, calm as ever.

"Hurt?" I asked, knowing the growing alarm in my voice.

"If you let go of me, I'll take you to him."

"Really?" I let go.

"Hmm...Yeah, I've had him cooped up at my place anyway."

I smiled. "Thanks. Now where are we going?"

"Wait a minute. I'm not just giving away my services."

Super Andy:)
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