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June 6, 2011
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"Etoile- sama."

Tamao, the blue haired, violet eyed girl said as she opened the door to the conference room.

Hikari, a blone with blue eyes, and Amane, a girl with short blue hair and red eyes, looked up from their paper work.

"Hello, Tamao-chan." Hikari smiled her usual sweet smile.

"I suspect you have news, Tamao-san?" Amane said as she continued working.

"I do. There will be three transfer students arriving in three days."

"Where from?" Hikari asked.


Amane set her quil pen down. "Transylvania?"

"Yes," Tamao continued, "Their names are Midnight, Dawn, and Eve."

Amane coughed. "M-Midnight and Dawn?"

"Yes. and Eve."

"They have pretty names." Hikari commented, looking at Amane curiously.

"And I think they may have pretty faces to go with them." Tamao smiled.

Amane murmured something to herself.

"What was that?" Hikari asked, tapping Amane's papers with her pen.

"Nothing, love." Amane laughed, embarrased.

"Well, I'll let you both get back to work." Tamao bowed before she left the room.

"You're acting silly." Hikari told Amane as she finished signing papers, stretching out and rubbing her hands.

"Me? Why?" Amane did the same.

"Because, you were acting so different when she said their names. Do you know them?"

"No, o-of course not love."

"Alright...If you say so."


"Are all of your things packed?" Midnight asked as she tapped the two suitcases on Dawn's bed.

"Yes. I packed Eve's things as well." Dawn, Midnight's identical twin answered while she brushed Eve's hair.

Midnight and Dawn Vespertine were identical twin sisters, both with long wavy light purple hair, dark purple highlights, and silver eyes. Their skin was pale but still beautiful, and they were tall, strong, elegant girls.

Eve Luna, on the other hand, was small, dainty and cute, rather than elegant, though there was an air about her. She was pale, as the other two were with black hair just past her chin. She had silver eyes as well.

They were vampires.

"Remember we need to be on the plane tomorrow by six a.m." Midnight said, straightening Eve's bow in her hair.

"I still think we should have taken the boat today." Dawn protested, taking a sip of blood from her sister's wine glass.

"We will arrive faster by plane, sister." Midnight said, stealing the glass away.

"But the boat would've been more fun." Dawn sighed, wiping her hand on her dress.

"What do you think Eve?" They asked in unison.

Eve stood quietly and straightened her collar. "I think we should go tell Dracula we're ready for tomorrow."
Warning: YURI.

Strawberry Panic, such an awesome Anime. :)
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