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June 8, 2011
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"It's almost lunch time. I hope they're not delayed."

Tamao was worried, she kept pacing back and forth at Miator's gated entrance. Leaning agaisnt the gate was the easy going Yuki Hanazono, Shizuma's younger sister. She was a year younger than Tamao, but smart enough to be in the same year. Her hair was the same color as her sister's, only worn in a short side ponytail, and her curls were more defined. Her eyes were also a cloudy golden color. She served her place as Vice-President.

"I'm sure they're fine."

Tamao took a deep breath. "You're probably're always right."

An hour nearly passed.

"There they are!" Yuki shouted.

In the distance the two could see three shady figures coming toward them.


"Greetings! Welcome." Tamao smiled although she couldn't see faces. The three girls wore veils so thick it was impossible for her to see through.

"Erm, so Who's who?" Yuki asked.

The figure on the right rose a hand. "Midnight Vespertine."

The left- "Dawn Vespertine."

And the little one- "Eve Luna."

"Well, right this way. I'll show you three to your rooms."

Tamao started down the hall with Yuki by her side.

"Odd group." Yuki whispered.

"Don't be a quick judge...What if they're just shy?"

The three following passed by an open window just as the breeze blew in- Eve's hat took off down the hall.
Without thinking, she took off after it.

"Eve?" Dawn turned quickly, "Eve!"


The run away hat came to a stop in the hallway.

Eve started walking toward it when another girl picked it up. She looked up slowly, trying not to make eye contact.

"Is this your hat?"

The girl she was looking at was taller than she was, with red hair and pink eyes. She was wearing jean capris and a green button down shirt.

Eve nodded, "Yes." She kept her eyes down.

Who does this girl remind me of? Nagisa thought as she handed the hat back to her.
As Eve ran away, something inside of Nagisa told her the answer.

But...She's supposed to be dead!


Eve ran until she found Dawn's arms.

"What's wrong?" Dawn asked, sensing her fear.

"I-I don't know...I felt uneasy just now..." Eve whimpered, holding Dawn tightly.

Midnight put her hand on Eve's shoulder. "Just calm down. It'll be alright."

Eve nodded a bit, but still held onto Dawn's arm as before.

Who was that girl? And why do I feel so threatened by her?


"Shizuma?" Nagisa whispered as she spied Shizuma, still tutoring a student. She was wearing a long black skirt and a blue blouse that had puffy sleeves, something Nagisa had picked out for her that morning.

Shizuma held a hand up as if to stall her. "Vous vous débrouillez très bien."

The girl smiled.

Shizuma stood and beckoned to Nagisa.

"What's wrong?"

"Erm- Nothing...I just think we should go."

"What? Why?"

Nagisa didn't know how to explain. "Because...umm.."

"We can leave after lunch love, I still haven't finished my job." Shizuma smiled.

Nagisa sighed and nodded. "Yes. Of course."

I need to get her out of here soon...


"This is your room, Eve." Tamao smiled again.

Eve looked inside, then glanced at Dawn.

"By herself?" Midnight asked.

"Yes." Yuki sighed. "It's highly unfortunate but, It's all we could manage."

"Why can't she stay in our room?" Dawn protested.

"Two occupants per room only." Tamao answered.

Yuki added, "But you two can visit her since you are only down the hall."

With that, she led them to their rooms. Eve followed.

"You know, if any of you need help changing into your uniforms-" Yuki put a hand on Eve's shoulder.

A hiss came from Dawn's throat.

"Erm- We can help her." Midnight said quickly to cover it up. She squeezed Dawn's hand. 'Control yourself.' She mouthed.


"Are you ready to meet the Etoile?" Tamao asked as they headed toward the cafeteria.

"I suppose." The twins answered in unison.

Yuki shook her head. "It would be impolite for you all to keep your hats on. Please take them off before."

As they entered the lunch room, everyone fell to whispers.

The three simultaneously took their hats off.

Several girls gasped.

"So pretty!" "Kawaii!" "Look at their hair!"

Midnight and Dawn looked at eachother, smiling and trying not to laugh at their dark blue eye contacts. Eve wore red eye contacts, for some reason she had liked them best.

"R-Right this way." Tamao said, shocked.

"At least we know they weren't hiding ugly faces." Yuki whispered.

"Etoile-sama." Tamao said, going up to Hikari and Amane.

Amane and Hikari bowed.

All of a sudden-

"OH MY GOD!" Amane screamed and hugged the twins and they happily hugged back.

The girls in the cafeteria squealed, and Eve was perplexed. Hikari laughed.

"Midnight! Dawn! I haven't seen you in years!" Amane exclaimed.

"You're so grown up!" Midnight smirked.

"Hey. Let's not get into that-"

"Etoile-sama?" Tamao asked, confused.

Amane blushed, remembering her place. After introductions, she invited them to sit with her for lunch.


"Who were those girls, Amane?" Hikari asked as the two worked in the greenhouse that evening.

"Old friends, love." Amane answered.

"Were they your best friends?" Hikari asked, placing a potted plant among the others.

"Yes. They taught me how to ride a horse."


Amane nodded. "We did alot of things. But I only saw them during the winter, when I visited my grandfather's old stables. They were friends."

"They sound very special." Hikari smiled.

"Not as special as you." Amane smirked, making Hikari blush.


Hikari laughed as she was met with a splash of water in her face from the hose Amane was holding. She quickly grabbed a fistful of mud and threw it, hitting Amane's cheek.They couldn't stop laughing.

"What's going on in here?" Yuki asked, laughing as she walked in.

"Nothing, just having fun." Amane answered, wiping the mud.

"Well, I'm here to escort you back to the dorms."

"We don't need an escort, Yuki." Amane blinked.

"I know, I know it's weird but the new arrivals have Tamao spooked." Yuki shrugged.

Amane made a face. "Why?"

"Beats me." Yuki shrugged.


"Classes start tommorrow." Midnight said, sipping her glass of blood.

Dawn pulled on her red nightgown, identical to her twin's. "Do you think they'll be difficult?"

Midnight shrugged. "Maybe."

Dawn's eyes kept darting from Midnight to the door. Her sister sensed her worry.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

Dawn rubbed her shoulder. "It's her first night alone."

"Not really." Midnight answered.

Dawn nodded remembering.

It was midday about a year ago.

Love at first bite.
LOOOONNNNNGGGGG. I know. But I'm all caught up now! :D
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